Surfer Blood at the Irenic

Surfer Blood at the Irenic
Surfer Blood at the Irenic

Chill vibes were certainly prominent and prevalent this past Saturday for the San Diego showing of Surfer Blood, the alt-funk group that’s recently taken the states by storm. The up-and-comers were tuned up and ready for their premiere as waves of fans flooded into the beautifully stained-glass lit auditorium of North Park’s Irenic.

Psych-pop opener Gothic Tropic, led by vocalist Cecilia Della Peruti, got the crowd warmed up nice and toasty for the Florida music makers, entrancing the audience with their edgy, experimental sound and rad, standout appearance.

Around 9pm, Surfer Blood finally took the stage to deliver the large dose of RX face-melt-icilin they’d promised, and deliver they did. The crowd swarmed and soon found their feet had minds of their own as they basked in the groovy chords of Surfer Blood hits like “Demon Dance” and “Miranda.”

Surfer Blood is truly a band with tons of talent in many areas of production. The best part about Surfer Blood’s music, as fans will certainly agree, is it’s ability to make you get up off your butt and dance like a goon. The audience that night was free to do so, and many took the opportunity to let loose. All in all, this was a freaking fantastic show and JP and the boys DID NOT disappoint.

Surfer Blood still has quite a few shows left on their 2015 tour, so check out their website, for ticket info and upcoming concert dates, follow them on Spotify, and for the love of all that is holy, check out their videos on youtube and become witness to pure creative genius!

Surfer Blood at the Irenic
Surfer Blood at the Irenic

-Eliana Christianson


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