Surfer Blood… Coming To A Town Near YOU

If we can thank South Florida for anything, its producing the surf-rock-indie-funk quint known as Surfer Blood. John Paul Pitts, Tyler Schwarz, Thomas Fekete, Brian Black, and Marcos Marchesani officially becoming Surfer Blood in spring 2009, and soon after began recording and touring around the country, laying down tracks in Pitts’ apartment and embarking on four tours in their first five months together. The buzz around the band began in late August ‘09 after Surfer Blood played a show at the Brooklyn venue Bruar Falls.

Lead vocalist JP is amped for their upcoming San Diego performance this Saturday, June 20th. They’ve been gathering inspiration from every source imaginable these last few years and are ready to rock SD’s socks off. A word from the band: BE PREPARED FOR SOME FACE MELTING GUITAR SOLOS. They are also missing their good friend and bandmate, Thomas, as he is immersed in his battle with cancer. Information to donate to his cancer fun can be found here!

Surfer Blood has already performed at legendary venues and produced entertaining and mesmerizing music videos, now theyre on their fourth album and ready to melt some faces off in San Diego tomorrow night at Irenic! We cant wait! We’ll be at the Irenic snagging some pics for our post-show blog. All ages welcome, find ticket info here!

-Eliana Christianson


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